When it comes to using geosynthetic materials for your agriculture and horticulture projects, NAUE Prosé Geotechniek  is your processing and delivery specialist. Geosynthetics are very versatile when used in agriculture and horticulture projects. From reinforcement and sealing to separation and drainage. Sealing membranes and geotextiles are suitable for use in, amongst other things: basins, sludge basins, and ponds.

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Plastic membrane

Carbofol® (plastic membrane) is widely used in road and water projects. It is also used in the construction of reservoirs, dams, canals, tunnels, ponds, storage and disposal sites and for the storage of manure.

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Plastic Fibre

Secutex® is a non-woven geotextile. Secutex® acts as a filter and provides solutions for separation, filtration, drainage and protection in civil engineering, as well as for agriculture and horticulture.
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