NAUE Prosé Geotechniek supplies and installs geosynthetic materials for a wide variety of applications in the petrochemical industry. For example, we have protected and sealed storage tanks and tank farms at national and international sites. We can provide waterproofing and construct water repellent structures for application in newly-built tank depots as well as existing storage tank depots.

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Plastic membrane

Carbofol® (plastic membrane) is widely used in road and water projects. It is also used in the construction of reservoirs, dams, canals, tunnels, ponds, storage and disposal sites and for the storage of manure.

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Sodium bentonite mats

NAUE Prosé Geotechniek supplies customised sodium bentonite mats. These mats are filled with swelling sodium bentonite, and are used for sealing against liquids and gases in different application areas.

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Multifunctional soil reinforcement

For all soil reinforcement problems, NAUE Prosé Geotechniek has the right solution. To support the foundations of roads, ditches, embankments, dams and dykes to arm, we fit Secugrid® or Combigrid® as a reinforcement grid for soft soil surfaces.

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Plastic Fibre

Secutex® is a non-woven geotextile. Secutex® acts as a filter and provides solutions for separation, filtration, drainage and protection in civil engineering, as well as for agriculture and horticulture.
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