Concrete Protection

Carbofix is widely used for protecting concrete structures against gas formation and chemical substances. Prosé Kunststoffen is a specialist in the field of concrete protection for the pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industries.

For both new and existing concrete structures, Carbofix can be used as protection against chemical corrosion. By using Carbofix, concrete structures are offered greater protection against aggressive liquids. Durability and quality increase, resulting in massive total cost savings.

Types of Carbofix:

  • Carbofix -10 with approx. 1470 anchor studs per m2, and a stud height of approx. 10 mm
  • Carbofix -15 with approx. 850 anchor studs per m2, and a stud height of approx. 15 mm

Appropriate Carbofix solutions Prosé Kunststoffen ensures that the right material is properly applied. The dimensions (width and length) of the Carbofix product will be adapted to meet your specific requirements. Thus we ensure optimal coordination of the project.

The Carbofix HDPE-studded plate is provided with a profiled surface on the rear side into which the concrete is poured. After demoulding, our engineers get started with the plastic parts. The concrete protection is welded and ground following the processing procedure.