Terrafix / Bentofix

Geotextiles for hydraulic engineering

Terrafix membranes and sand mats are used as separating layers and filters in hydraulic applications such as dam construction or channel beds. Processed in tubes, Terrafix can be used in ports as harbour dock protection.

Terrafix is a pile fabric made of 100% synthetic fibres. The multi-layer fibre structure forms an infinite labyrinth of pores, making it ideal for simulating soil.

Security and sustainability
The advantages of Terrafix are its flexibility, filter stability and resistance to abrasion. Terrafix adapts to almost any ground surface and may even be covered directly with heavy ballast stones. Excellent sewn-seam properties offer high security, ensuring displacement of panels cannot occur.

Appropriate solutions with Terrafix
Prosé Kunststoffen ensures that the right material is applied in the right way. Cutting to size is done on-site with standard cutting tools.
By using Terrafix, you can save on the cost of transportation and installation of sand and gravel drainage layers. Terrafix ensures minimal maintenance and long life of building projects.