Multifunctional soil reinforcement

For all soil reinforcement problems, NAUE Prosé Geotechniek has the right solution. To support the foundations of roads, ditches, embankments, dams and dykes to arm, we fit Secugrid® or Combigrid® as a reinforcement grid for soft soil surfaces.

Economical solution

NAUE Prosé Geotechniek delivers, processes and installs the tailor-made soil reinforcement grids, so you save money when compared to the installation costs of conventional construction methods. Our expert staff ensure that the project is quickly implemented in accordance with the applicable standards. In this way we can offer you the best price and quality.

Safe and rapid soil reinforcement

NAUE Prosé Geotechniek offers a solution for soil reinforcement with Secugrid® and Combigrid®  .

  • Cost Saving. Much cheaper than traditional solutions.
  • Time-saving. Quick and easy to install.
  • Multifunctional. Range of applications, from roads to steep-sided slopes.
  • Reliable. Safe installation of structures on soft soil surfaces.
geogrid-foto1 geogrid-foto2
secugrid-b-1 secugrid-b-2 secugrid-b-3