Drainage mats for construction, industry and infrastructure

Whether you are looking for a solution for water or gas drainage problems when constructing landfill sites, buildings, tunnels, roofs and road-sides,  NAUE Prosé Geotechniek can deliver customised drainage mats. Secudrain® ensures a safe filter layer while Secumat® protects against erosion.

Advantages of Secudrain® and Secumat®

Using Secudrain® and Secumat® together will reduce costs and shorten the construction period of road and water projects when compared to the use of traditional drainage methods and materials.

Our experienced staff ensure that the project can be completed quickly. The drainage mat serves three functions at once: filtration, drainage and protection. Installation is simple and straightforward.

Sustainable protection

NAUE Prosé Geotechniek drainage mats are supplied as a three-layer membrane, which consists of a drainage core and at least one geosynthetic filter layer. The filter layer protects the drainage core against the ingress of soil particles, to prevent the restriction of gas and water flow.

All the layers are bonded to one another in order to achieve a high shear strength. Liquid and gas flow problems can be prevented.