Sodium bentonite mats

NAUE Prosé Geotechniek supplies customised sodium bentonite mats. These mats are filled with swelling sodium bentonite, and are used for sealing against liquids and gases in different application areas.

Bentofix® is versatile:

  • Landfill base and top liners.
  • Moisture-absorbing barriers and protection layers in landfills.
  • Sealing of rainwater basins, ponds and reservoirs.
  • Protection of dams and dykes.
  • Sealing of watercourse embankments.
  • Groundwater protection.
  • Vertical barriers.

Bentofix® solutions
In recent years, we have successfully applied Bentofix® as top and middle seals for waste and residue storage and as a combination seal with membrane for waste incinerator bottom ash.
Bentofix® means security. The natural sodium bentonite ensures an immediate swelling after installation which is required to safely seal any unforeseen mechanical damages.

Advantages of Bentofix®

  • Multifunctional: can be used in landfill sealing, rain reservoirs, waterways.
  • Safe: can be used as protection against environmental damage and erosion.
  • Economical: leading to lower construction costs.
  • Simple: unroll and cover.